Keys to Ensuring a Better Car Rental Experience

Being able to rent a car easily and affordably through Rad Car Hire Australia can give you so much freedom on your holiday. It means no waiting for uncomfortable buses and no aimless walking around – you just get straight into that car hire and hit the road. On that note, we’ve put together some tips so you can have the best possible rental car experience.

Plan and Book Ahead
Book your rental car early on in the planning of your Australian holiday. Australia has many popular destinations and heaps of local and foreign tourists travel around the country each year. If you leave your car hire until the last minute, you might find out that you’re out of luck, especially for high season, popular locations and during festivals. Being unable to drive around can limit your trip so reserve your rental car now – you can make changes or cancel your booking later on if need be, so long as you give us at least a week’s warning.

Get Additional Extras Early
Similarly, don’t forget about extra add-ons that you’ll need for your car hire. Travelling with infants or young kids? You’ll need to pre-book a car seat. Need a seven-seater? You better book it now! Car rental companies don’t have as many extras as they do cars, so be organised and book anything additional as early as possible.

Get Insurance
Accidents happen: limit your liability by taking out insurance on your hired car. Our insurance policies are all reasonable and fair, and they will give you peace of mind while driving in unfamiliar areas. So long as you are following Australian traffic laws and abiding by our rental agreement, you will be covered for any damages that may occur.

Split the Driving
Split up the driving so that everyone can have a break and a chance to take in the sights. There can be some long stretches of road between destinations and solo drivers can get tired and cranky. This not only makes for a more fun trip for everyone, but it’s also safer. Just remember to specify this on your car rental agreement.

Consider the Season
Australia is known for its glorious heat and sunshine, but we do have seasons! If you are visiting during high season, consider increasing the expected driving times within and between popular spots, as there may be more cars and tourists on the road than usual.

Also, think about what you need to pack and have on hand based on the season. If you’re here in summer, you’ll want the sunscreen, hats and water within reach. If you are visiting in winter, have layers available for when it gets chilly at night. Pack the car hire well so that these items are easily accessible.

Learn the Traffic Rules
If you are visiting from overseas, become familiar with our traffic laws and road signs before setting off on the road. Traffic fines are expensive and time-consuming and can be a real downer on an otherwise fun holiday. Obey our speed limits and traffic signs, and take the koala crossing signs seriously – they’re not just there for fun!

Fuel Up
Remember to fuel your hired car back up before returning it otherwise you’ll face a higher fueling fee. And while we’re on the topic of fueling up, save yourself some time and look into where the nearest petrol station before arriving at your final destination.

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