All vehicles have comprehensive insurance cover for both multi and single vehicle accidents which is included in the rate quoted. This is referred to as our ''Standard Insurance Cover''. Provided that the "Rental Terms and Conditions" and use of the vehicle is complied with by the hirer (and named drivers) the standard Insurance excess applies to all drivers when a CDR option is not taken.

Insurance Excess and Liability.

  • All RaD Car Hire vehicles have insurance cover which is included in the daily rate quoted.
  • This is referred to as our “risk taker cover” or “standard insurance cover.”
  • All pricing includes GST(Goods and Services tax)
  • The standard excess for vehicles is $2700.00 including GST
  • For customers less than 25 years of age an additional loading on the excess amount of $400.00 including GST applies.
  • For customers less than 21 years of age and any driver who holds a P2 or Restricted licence (if from New Zealand), an additional loading on the excess amount of $800.00 including GST applies.

Drivers between the ages of 21 years and 25 years must take the CDR to lower the Excess by choosing one of the above options.


  • The Standard Insurance Excess is $2,700 (incl GST).
  • Drivers 21-25 years: Must take the CDR offered by the hire company

Excess Reduction Options

Stress Free Cover

  • $0.00 excess on vehicle / $0.00 excess on glass

Chance it Cover

  • $800.00 excess on vehicle / $150.00 on glass

Risk Taker Cover

  • $2700.00 excess on vehicle / 300.00 on glass

Excess Reduction daily rates found when generating an online quote

Licence Requirements

All drivers must have held a licence for a minimum of 3yrs.

P2 and Restricted Licence's are accepted with an Excess reduction option taken.

All licences must be in English

In the event of an accident, a claim form must be completed by the hirer (or the listed additional driver) and handed in to the vehicle owner.

Windscreen Excess

The insurance excess on a windscreen is $300 (incl GST).

Bond / Security Requirements

  • At all times a Bond is required for security over any vehicle being hired, whether this is in the form of a Credit Card or Cash it is up to the vehicle owners discretion.
  • When the Stress Free Insurance Liability Reduction option is chosen this does not change the fact a Security Bond is required.
  • The hirer may have a $150 or zero rated excess however security over the vehicle itself must be held. This is called “the bond.”
  • This is non-debatable criteria and no-one must hire a vehicle without this form of security.
  • Simply - No Security Bond = No Rental Vehicle.
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