Budgeting Tips for your Aussie Road Trip

If you are planning on travelling around Australia on a shoestring, this blog is for you! Hiring a car and hitting the road is a great way to see the sights on your own terms. Here are a few pointers from the team at RaD Car Hire Australia to keep costs to a minimum while enjoying your Aussie road trip.

Plan Ahead
First and foremost, do research and make bookings ahead of your trip. Going with the flow is an important part of driving around the country, but hands down the best way to save money is to plan ahead. Look out for hotel and flight deals and plan a smart route to make the most of your rental car roadie.

Off Season Travel
Australia is a destination with plenty to do, see and experience any month of the year. The summer months of January and February tend to be the most popular among tourists; if you avoid peak season you can often find cheaper deals for everything from hired cars to hotels. Plus, you’ll enjoy fewer crowds and less stifling weather.

Rent a Car
Booking a car rental
 for your road trip not only gives you freedom and flexibility, it also keeps costs down. By driving yourself you will save money that would have gone to tour buses, plus you can buy your own food and stay further afield where hotels may be more affordable.

Budget Flights
We know, the plan is a road trip around Australia, but if you want to see a large part of the country in a short amount of time, consider interior flights between destinations. Hire a car for each leg of your trip, but save money and time by flying from one coast or region to the next.

Quaint Accommodation
Save money on accommodation by staying in quaint motels or bed and breakfasts instead of expensive or brand name hotels. After all, it doesn’t matter how fancy your hotel is – they all look the same when you’re asleep! Bonus tip: choose accommodation with free parking for your rental car – parking fees can really add up.

Cook for Yourself
The beauty of a driving around Australia in a hired car is that you can cook for yourself along the way. Sure, you’ll dine out here and there, but a road trip means you have the ability to save money by shopping for local produce at supermarkets and cooking for yourself.

Free BBQs
Aussies are known for our love of BBQs, but did you know that there are free BBQs scattered around local parks throughout the country? Simply bring your own meats and veggies to a public BBQ and enjoy a classic Aussie picnic for free!

Free Walking Tours
Hop out of the rental car for a day and join in on a free walking tour. Most of Australia’s city centres have them and they offer a wonderful way to see a city without spending a cent. You’ll discover tidbits about history, highlights, culture and quirks from a local’s perspective.

National Parks
Visiting one of Australia’s many National Parks is a great way to see some of the country’s finest sights. For a small vehicle fee – usually under $10 – you can access highlights like Queensland’s Great Sandy National Park, Western Australia’s Purnululu National Park or the Royal National Park in New South Wales.

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